PAK will have to stop terrorism: US said – the joint statement of Biden and Modi is correct; Pakistan government angry with America

PAK will have to stop terrorism America has made it clear that there was nothing wrong in the joint statement issued with President Biden during Prime Minister Modi’s US visit. In the joint statement of Modi-Biden, Pakistan was advised to stop terrorism.

On Monday, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry had lodged a strong displeasure over this joint statement in a diplomatic note. Now America has made it clear that this issue will continue to be raised and talks will also be held with Pakistan regarding this.

Terrorist hideouts exist in Pakistan
On Tuesday, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller was questioned about the Modi-Biden joint statement and Pakistan’s displeasure over it. On this he said- It is certain that talks will be held with Pakistan on this issue and pressure will also be put on it. Terrorism is the biggest threat to the world. Is it not true that there are still Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed and many such terrorist organizations present.

In response to a question, Miller said – America has said earlier also that the government and army of Pakistan will have to eliminate all the terrorist organizations present in their country forever. Cross border terrorism has to be stopped. At present there is peace on the LoC and we want it to continue forever. If Pakistan needs our help to end terrorism, then it can be discussed.

what did pakistan say
Modi was on a US tour last week. On June 22, he issued a joint statement with President Biden. In this, concern was expressed over the continued help to the terrorist organizations present in Pakistan.

Pakistan on Monday summoned the American diplomat to the Foreign Ministry. A diplomatic note (demarche) was handed over to him. It said- The things said about Pakistan in the joint statement of Modi and Biden are not correct. This statement is one-sided and should be avoided. India’s allegation on Pakistan is completely political.

What does Pakistan want from America?

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has made seven US visits in a year. Despite this, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not give him an appointment. Imran Khan was the Prime Minister till April last year. He tried several times, but far from meeting Biden, he didn’t even give him time to talk on the phone.
Recently, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan had said – We want India to hold talks for the restoration of peace, but for this America will have to help. It is the responsibility of the Government of India to create an atmosphere for talks. America should initiate talks for the restoration of peace between our two neighbors i.e. India and Pakistan. It is the responsibility of the Government of India to create a favorable environment for talks. India did not give any reaction to this statement.

A few days before this, Pakistan’s ambassador to America, Asad Majeed had said – Pulwama attack took place in India in February 2019. India blamed it on Pakistan. India says that we have terrorist training camps and 300 terrorists are taking training in them. The truth is that Pakistan is targeted for political gains in India. We want to start business relations with India as well. For this it is necessary that India has to withdraw the steps taken unilaterally in Kashmir.

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