Troubled by the heat, PAK Defense Minister jumped into the canal: 73-year-old Khwaja Asif showed youthful enthusiasm

Troubled by the heat

A video of Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khwaja Asif is going viral on social media. In this, 73-year-old Asif is seen jumping from a bridge into a canal to get relief from the heat. He enjoyed swimming in the cold water for a long time.

Asif, who is often in discussion with his statements, had called Pakistan an ‘already default nation’ a few months back. Later Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also reprimanded him.

Khwaja Asif was on a home town visit

According to the report of ‘Daily Pakistan’, Defense Minister Asif had come to his home town Sialkot. Its purpose was to take stock of the preparations for the general elections to be held in October.
On Sunday, his convoy was passing through a village. It was very hot and humid at that time. Asif asked the driver to stop the car. After this, wore shorts and T-shirts.

After this, he climbed the railing of the bridge with his companions. During this, the supporters were also seen raising slogans for encouragement. In a few seconds, Asif jumped into the canal. After this, he continued to enjoy swimming for a long time.
However, when this video went viral on social media, some people praised Asif’s courage, while there were others who called it a senseless, irresponsible and dangerous act.

Pakistan is a bankrupt country.

In February, a statement by Khwaja Mohammad Asif had taken the world by surprise. Asif had said in an army program – Pakistan has already gone bankrupt. We are all living in a default country. Now even the IMF cannot help us.

The Defense Minister had held the politicians and bureaucracy responsible for the economic condition of the country. He had said – the constitution of Pakistan was not followed. Asif accused Imran’s government of giving shelter to terrorists in the country. He said that about one-and-a-half years ago, terrorists were resettled in the country, while critics of the government were forced to leave the country. We came and changed the situation.

Bigger threat than Imran Modi

After this, in May, Khwaja Asif had said – Imran Khan is a bigger threat to Pakistan than India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. You know your foreign enemy. People in Pakistan are still not able to recognize the enemy who was born here. He is a bigger threat than India. Imran Khan is present among us and he is more dangerous for Pakistan than PM Narendra Modi, but people do not see this. Troubled by the heat.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif asked the news anchor who is more dangerous? The one who is in our midst, or the one who stands across the border before us? He said that the riots that took place in the country on May 9 after Imran’s arrest was a rebellion and Imran Khan is the biggest rebel. They are a big threat to the security of our country and 9th May is the biggest proof of this.

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