Israel’s airstrike in Palestinian city: 7 Palestinians killed in attack, Israel said – terrorist hideouts in refugee camp

Israel’s airstrike in Palestinian city The ongoing tension between Israel and Palestine for several days became dangerous on Monday. The Israeli Air Force carried out an airstrike on the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank area of Palestine. 7 Palestinians were killed in this.

Israeli ground forces also joined the operation after the attack. During this, 20 Palestinians were arrested. This operation is going on. Meanwhile, the terrorist organization of Palestine has threatened to destroy Israel. On the other hand, Israel said – Refugee camps in Jenin are being used to hide terrorists and keep weapons. Israel has also released their pictures.

operation will continue

Hamas terrorists present in Palestine were attacking Israel for several days. During this, mortars and guns were used along with rockets. After this, the Israeli Air Force carried out an airstrike on Jenin on Monday morning.

According to ‘Times of Israel’ – 7 Palestinians have been killed in the attack. 20 have been arrested. Jenin is called the City of Refugees, but the refugee camps here are being used as terrorist hideouts. We are releasing their footage and photos. This operation will continue, as the threat to Israel continues to grow.
Daniel Hegeri, an officer of the Israeli Air Force, said – Whatever the consequences, we will not stop the operation. The operation will stop only after the terror infrastructure present here is completely eliminated. Israel had been patient for a long time. The aim is not to occupy the refugee camps, but what is happening under their guise is a big threat to the security of our country.

Panic in Palestine

There is panic all over Palestine after the airstrike on Jenin. People have been told not to come out of the house. Some videos and photos have been released by Israel. It can be seen in these how arms factories were running in homes.
The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas issued a statement on Sunday. It was installed on the walls of the West Bank. In this, Israel was threatened with destruction. After this some rockets were also fired towards Israel. He was shot down in the air by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Recently a new terrorist organization has been formed in Jenin. Its name is Jenin Battalion.

According to Israel, the Jenin Battalion has carried out 50 attacks on Israel since January. Now it is also being investigated that on which parts of Israel Jenin and Hamas are plotting to target.

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