PM of Israel does not want to come to Ukraine: Zelensky said – I have invited Netanyahu many times, he does not even give us missile defense system

PM of Israel does not want to come to Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not coming to Ukraine despite several invitations. Talking to the media after the NATO summit in Lithuania, Zelensky said – Even before Netanyahu, we invited the leaders of Israel to come to the capital Kiev, but no one came.

In response to a question, the Ukrainian President said – We want Israel to give its Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine, so that we can stop the attacks of Russian missiles. Israel has given assurance for this many times, but it has not been handed over to us till now.

Why is Netanyahu backing down?
The NATO summit held on July 11 and 12 could not bring much success for Ukraine. The same old words of help were repeated, which he has been getting till now. Zelensky, however, seemed particularly displeased with Israel’s attitude. In response to a question, Naftali Bennett was the Prime Minister of Israel before Netanyahu. Yer Lapid also held this position. Netanyahu is the third prime minister there since the start of the war. I invited all of them to come to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to understand the situation. Regrettably, no Prime Minister has come from there till now.

On the question asked about the help from Israel, Zelensky said – Russia attacked Ukraine in February last year. Since then till now we have been appealing to Israel to give us its hi-tech Iron Dome missile defense system. He also promised many times, but it remained a promise till now. We are sorry about this too. In the UN, we have supported them in 90% of the cases.

Israel did not respond

Israel refused to react to the comments made by the President of Ukraine about Israel. On a question asked about this, a responsible officer of Israel said – We have our own method and protocol to provide weapons or technology to any country. Ukraine wants to use our intercept system, it also needs it. We know this. It is not right to say anything more than this at the moment.

Actually, Israel does not want it to spoil relations with Russia. Russia’s operation in Syria can pose a new challenge for Israel. Apart from this, if Russia helps Iran, then a new threat will arise for Israel.
Last week, the ambassador of Ukraine present in Israel took a dig at the lack of help from Israel. After this, the Foreign Ministry of Israel called him and handed over a diplomatic note. It was said that his statements could spoil the relations between the two countries. We do not want any kind of tension to arise between Israel and Ukraine.

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