Russian fighter aircraft intercepted American MQ-9 drones: Sukhoi-35 fired flares in Syria; drone had to change course

Russian fighter aircraft intercepted American MQ-9 drones Syria on Wednesday, 3 Russian fighter jets blocked the path of 3 US MQ-9 drones. According to the US Air Force, Russian Sikhoi-35 fighter jets started firing flares from parachutes in front of the drones, which blocked their front view.

After this he had to change his path. According to news agency AP, the US has said that their drones were monitoring ISIS targets in Syria.

US Air Force Lieutenant General Alex Grinkevich has described Russia’s actions as irresponsible and unsafe. US Central Command has also released a video of the incident.

It has been recorded from inside the drone. It is seen in the video how Russian fighter jets are flying very close to America’s MQ-9 drones.

fighter plane came right in front of the drone
Meanwhile, a fighter jet activates its afterburner by coming right in front of the drone, which increases its speed and pressure. Due to this, the drone operator starts having a lot of difficulty in flying it.

General Grinkevich said- Our drones were monitoring a mission in the area at around 10:40 am, when Russian fighter jets started harassing them.

We appeal to Russia to stop such recklessness in Syria and hope that in future the Russian Air Force will follow international standards for the mission to defeat ISIS.

America’s 900 force deployed in Syria
The armies of both America and Russia often run operations in Syria. About 900 US forces are stationed in Syria to work with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to fight Islamic State militants. At the same time, Russia’s army is present there in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In March, Sukhoi attacked an American drone over the Black Sea.
Earlier in March, Russia’s Sukhoi fighter jet attacked America’s advanced reaper drone near the Russia-Ukraine border. The American drone MQ-9 Reaper was doing surveillance over the Black Sea.

Two Russian Su-27 surrounded this reaper for 40 minutes and dropped fuel on it. This fuel reached the propeller of Reaper and the drone crashed in the Black Sea after some time.

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