The age of euthanasia will decrease in Australia: preparation to reduce from 18 to 14 years, opposition said – letting the minor choose euthanasia is a risk

In Australia’s capital territory of Canberra, the government is going to raise the minimum age for euthanasia to brain dead people to 14 years.

If this law is passed, it will be the most liberal law regarding euthanasia, under which children will also be able to get such rights.

Age will not be decided only by birthday
Regarding this law, State Human Rights Minister Tara Sheen had recently said that we are considering reducing the age of maturity from 18 to 14 years for taking decisions.

He said, the age limit is a matter of discretion and just crossing the birthday will not suffice, but the health experts will decide on the decision-making capacity of the person.

80 percent people supported euthanasia
According to Shane, there is public support for his legislation, which was also reflected in community consultation programs about it.

He said that more than 3,000 people participated in the community consultation and 500 people gave their opinion in writing. 80 percent people supported euthanasia.

It is not right to give a minor the right to choose euthanasia
On the other hand, opposition to this exercise of the government has started. James Paterson, the shadow minister for home affairs, has described the plan to reduce the age as ‘creepy’.

He argued that a person who is not even an adult; He does not understand to take his own decisions, how far it would be right to give him the right to choose euthanasia. Doing so will only increase the risk.

Netherlands: Preparing to approve euthanasia for under 12s
Hundreds of people in the country have chosen euthanasia since the law came into force in 2017 in Victoria, Australia. The number of such people in Victoria is more than 600. On the other hand, the Netherlands is going to remove the minimum age limit for euthanasia. He is going to give its approval to children below 12 years of age.

Euthanasia became a problem in Canada: 10 thousand people committed suicide in 1 year

Allowing euthanasia in Canada is becoming a problem. Here last year i.e. in 2021 itself, more than 10 thousand people gave their lives through euthanasia. This is more than 3% of the total deaths in Canada throughout the year. In March 2023, mentally ill people have also been allowed to die by law.

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