China preparing for war with US: Nikki Haley involved in presidential candidate race said – Biden’s eyes only on politics

China preparing for war with US Indian-origin Nikki Haley, who is trying to become the presidential candidate from the Republican Party, has taken a dig at President Joe Biden. Describing China as the biggest threat to America, Nikki said – It is surprising that China is preparing for war at this time and our President is doing politics.

Nikki said- Talks or debates on the issue of gender equality have been happening before and are still happening, but our eyes should be on China which is preparing for war with America.

China’s Navy biggest threat

In an interview given to ‘Fox News’, Nikki openly answered many questions related to America’s politics and world matters. On a question, Nikki said – China has created big security related threats for our country. He is busy preparing for war with America. What are the preparations of our government? There is debate and politics going on in our country on gender equality. Biden is busy with these things.
Nikki, who was an ambassador in the UN, further said – At present, China has the largest Navy fleet. He has 340 ships, so we have only 293. After two years, China will have 400 ships and we will not have even 350.

Today China is developing hypersonic missiles everyday. We have just started working on them.
In response to another question on China, Nikki said- China is trying to become more powerful than the American military in every respect and on every front and it is working very fast on this. Gender equality is currently being debated in our military. These are the works of the Biden administration.

Question on Biden’s mental health

In February, Nikki also made a suggestion, putting a serious question mark on President Biden’s mental and physical health, and Biden’s wife Jill was enraged.
Nikki had said – Mental Ability Test (Mental Competency Test in technical language) should be mandatory for a leader above 75 years of age holding any major position in the government. Jill Biden, wife of President Joe Biden, was shocked at Nikki’s suggestion. He said – Nikki is talking nonsense.
In fact, former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party and a part of the American media have often questioned Biden’s physical and mental fitness. There are many proofs of this as well.
Nikki, who had been the governor of California for 2 times, had said – no matter who is the leader in America, if he is more than 75 years of age, then he must have a mental competency test. There is nothing wrong in this. The command of the country should be in the hands of such a leader who is mentally and physically fit, because we are a superpower.

I am a proud daughter of Indian immigrants
A few years ago, Nikki said in an interview – The goal of countries should always be to empower women and then you will see what wonderful leaders they can become. Legal immigration is the fabric of America and I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants. Nikki also emphasized that people should not be banned from coming to America because of their religion.

Nikki Haley’s parents Ajit Singh and Raj Kaur Randhawa went to Canada from India. From there he settled in America in 1960. Nikki’s name at birth was Nimrata Randhawa.

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