The powder recovered from the White House turned out to be cocaine: White powder was found in the library 3 days ago; Biden’s son Hunter suspected of use

The powder recovered white powder found on Sunday night at the White House, the official residence of the US President, was nothing but cocaine. This claim was made by the American newspaper ‘Washington Post’ on Tuesday night. The Secret Service team is probing the matter.

This powder was found in the White House library 3 days ago on Sunday. After this, the library part of the White House was also evacuated for some time. The investigation of this substance started on Monday and it has now been confirmed to be cocaine.

not official statement
In the report of ‘New York Post’, a firefighter involved in the investigation team was quoted as saying – We found that the white powder was cocaine hydrochloride. After we recovered it, we put it in a bag and took it out. The powder recovered

When the newspaper talked to the Secret Service about this, they said – At present, the investigation is going on. So, it would not be right to make any comment. The powder recovered At the same time, Secret Service Spokesman Anthony Glemy told the Washington Post – some more tests of this powder are yet to be done. Only after this it will be decided whether it is cocaine or something else.

Biden’s son Hunter suspected

The powder recovered report states that President Biden was not at the White House at the time of the incident. He was present at Camp David on the weekend with the family. The biggest question before the investigating agencies is that whatever this substance may be, how did it reach the White House? A team of Secret Service checks the White House everyday and it was they who recovered this powder.

Hunter (53), the elder son of President Biden, has been facing many allegations including taking drugs. Several reports have said that Hunter takes cocaine. Hunter was still at the White House before leaving for Camp David with his father on Friday. The family returned to the White House on Tuesday.

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