Chinese company will give money to workers for giving birth to children: Will spend more than thousand crore rupees; China’s low birth rate became the reason

China’s largest online travel agency will pay its employees to have children. The company is taking this step to address the country’s aging population and declining birth rate. From July 1, the company will give 5.6 lakh rupees (50 thousand yuan) to the employees for giving birth to a child. Under this scheme, the company will distribute a total of Rs 1,128 crore (1 billion yuan). is counted among the largest travel agencies in the world. It has more than 400 million users worldwide.

The chairman said – the government should also give money
The company’s executive chairman James Liang said in a statement – I have always believed that the government should give money to families with children. Especially families with more than one child. More young than this will be able to fulfill their desire to have a child. The company can also play an important role in this matter.

Women have to leave their jobs because of children.
China’s decreasing birth rate has become a cause of concern for the government and policy makers. Many women in China do not want more than one child. There are many who do not want even a single child. There are many reasons behind this.

A considerable amount of money is spent on raising a child in China. Most of the responsibility of child care falls on women, due to which women also have to leave their jobs.

The government’s political advisers proposed in March that the birth rate could be increased by opening fertility centers for unmarried women.

Population of youth decreased due to one child policy
One child policy was in force in China from 1980 to 2015. Under this, a couple could produce only one child. Due to this, the population of the elderly in China increased and the population of youth decreased. In 2021, the government told people that they can have up to 3 children. Still the birth rate is not increasing in the country.

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