Dangerous plans of China: Taking lessons from the Ukraine war, the special brigade of drones is doing maneuvers against missiles.

Dangerous plans of China There is an atmosphere of concern all over the world due to the Russia-Ukraine war, but China is such a country which is seeing its advantage in this war as well. International Observer has revealed in its report, quoting a video of a recent war exercise released by China, that the Chinese army is rapidly changing its strategy on the basis of the Ukraine war.

In view of the large-scale use of drones in the Ukraine war, China has also started work on a special brigade of drones. The 82nd Combined Armed Brigade of the People’s Liberation Army of China recently conducted drone maneuvers in Hebei province. In which portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles were fought with the help of drones and radars.

Drone attack training being given to Chinese army

Chinese army personnel have been trained to conduct drone attacks and avoid drone attacks. PLA Group Commander Liu Chen says that our soldiers are constantly learning from their mistakes. The 82nd Combined Armed Brigade, formerly known as the 38th Army Corp, is responsible for the defense of Beijing.

Preparation: China will keep an eye on missile attacks from drones
Zhou Chenming of the Beijing-based Yuan Wang Military Science Technology think tank says the PLA’s brigades are learning from the Russian army’s experiences, especially regarding the use of drones. The PLA is learning how to use drones as the eyes of troops.

They are learning about incoming anti-tank missiles and deadly air strikes with the help of drones. Along with this, the Chinese army is also learning from the Russian army how to counter such situations, so that there is minimum loss. Retired PLA instructor Song Zongping says that the conditions of this exercise are largely dependent on the current war in Ukraine.Dangerous plans of China

PLA’s focus on portable missiles and radar
Ukraine has targeted Russian military aircraft with Stinger missiles and Russian armored military vehicles with Javelin anti-tank missiles. In view of this, instead of heavy war machinery, the Chinese army is focusing on fast-changing equipment. China is also monitoring all foreign weapons used by Ukraine, including the American HIMARS missile.Dangerous plans of China

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