Helicopter crash in Nepal, pilot and 6 foreigners killed: Flight was filled for Kathmandu, after 10 minutes contact was lost near Mount Everest

Helicopter crash in Nepal, The wreckage of the helicopter that went missing in Nepal on Tuesday has been recovered. According to the Himalayan Times, six bodies have also been recovered from near the debris. The debris was found near the border of Likhu PK village and Dudhkunda Nagar, also known as Lamajura Danda. The citizens of the village informed the authorities about this.

According to reports, the helicopter was being flown by Senior Captain Chhet Gurung. There were 5 citizens of Mexico on board. According to ANI, the people of the village told that soon after the crash, the helicopter exploded and caught fire. Earlier on Tuesday morning, the helicopter went missing near Mount Everest. According to Nepal aviation officials, the Manang Air chopper took off from Sukri for Kathmandu at 10:04 am.

Nepal Civil Aviation Authority official Gyanendra Bhul said the helicopter lost contact with the control tower at 10:13 a.m. 10 minutes after take-off and disappeared from the radar. However, the information about why the helicopter crashed has not been revealed yet.

The helicopter was flying at an altitude of 12 thousand feet
At the time when contact with the helicopter was lost, it was flying at an altitude above 12,000 feet. A high altitude helicopter was dispatched for the rescue mission and to track the missing chopper. The last location of the missing chopper was reported near Lamjura pass.Helicopter crash in Nepal

Earlier in January too, there was a major plane crash in Nepal, in which 68 people died. Yeti Airlines plane crashed in Pokhara, 205 km from Kathmandu. It was an ATR-72 plane, carrying 68 passengers and four crew members. Just 10 seconds before landing at Pokhara International Airport, the plane hit a hill, which caught fire and plunged into a ditch.Helicopter crash in Nepal,

Captain Kamal KC was flying the aircraft. Of the 68 passengers, 53 were Nepalese, 5 Indians, 4 Russians, one Irish, two Koreans, one Afghan and one French national. It has been said by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal that the accident occurred due to a mechanical fault.

Flight ban in 28 countries due to poor aviation record
Due to Nepal’s poor aviation record, the European Commission has completely banned Nepalese airlines from flying in the 28-nation bloc. The Aviation Authority of Nepal is also surrounded by allegations of corruption.

In 2019, European aerospace company Airbus paid bribes of 3.4 million Euros, or Rs 3 crore, to Nepali businessmen and officials for the two narrow-body Airbus A320 jet deal for Nepal Airlines Corporation.

Last year there were 22 deaths in a plane crash in Nepal.
In May last year also, 19 passengers and 3 crew members lost their lives due to a plane crash in Nepal. There were also 4 Indians in this plane. The search and rescue team of the Nepal Army found debris on the hill in Sanosware area of Mustang. The aircraft was 43 years old.

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