Indian Army fourth most powerful: India has 3311 cannons; America and China are behind us, tanks are almost equal

Indian Army fourth most powerful: has the fourth most powerful army in the world. America ranks first in the whole world in terms of the most powerful army. The ‘Military Strength List-2023’ of Global Firepower, a website containing defense data, has released a ranking by analyzing the capabilities of the armies of 145 countries of the world.

In this index, America is on top in terms of the most powerful army. Russia is at number two, China at third and Britain at fifth. India has retained its fourth position. Last year also India was at number four in this list. South Korea at sixth, Pakistan at seventh, Japan at eighth, France at ninth and Italy at 10th.

Pakistan’s soldiers are less than half as compared to India

India has 14.44 lakh active military personnel, which is the second largest in the world. Compared to India, Pakistan’s soldiers are less than half. India also has more paramilitary force than Pakistan. India’s paramilitary force has 25,27,000 soldiers. Whereas in Pakistan their number is only five lakhs.

India has 4500 tanks. 538 fighter aircraft

The Indian Army has 4,500 tanks and 538 fighter aircraft. Whereas, China has 2 million soldiers. America has a Powerindex value of 0.0712. The value of Russia is 0.0714. And the value of China is 0.0722. Talking about India, its ranking value is 0.1025. The value of Pakistan is 0.1694.

According to Global Fire Power, it determines the power index of a country by looking at military units, economic status, capabilities and geography. The total firepower of a country is called Power Index.

Bhutan the least powerful country

Bhutan is the least militarily powerful country out of a total of 145 countries included in the list of Global Fire Power. Bhutan ranked 145, followed by Benin at 144, Moldova at 143, Somalia at 142 and Liberia at 141. Suriname is ranked 140th, Belize 139th and West African country Sierra Leone 138th in this list. Iceland ranked 137th and the Central African Republic 136th.Indian Army fourth most powerful:

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