Ukraine said- Russia kept explosives on our nuclear plant: planning to destroy it after the Kakhovka dam; UN will investigate the claims

Ukraine said has accused Russia of planning to destroy their Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant. Ukraine has said that Russia has placed mines and explosives on the roofs of the nuclear plant.

After these allegations of Ukraine, the UN’s Atomic Energy Agency ie IAEA has said that it will investigate the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant of Russia-occupied Ukraine. For this, the IAEA on Wednesday demanded more access from Russia to check the nuclear plant.

‘Russia first destroyed the dam, now it’s the turn of the nuclear plant’
Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday quoted intelligence agencies as saying that Russia destroyed our Kakhovka dam last month. Now he is preparing to destroy the nuclear plant. Ukraine had also drilled in the areas around the plant last week amid fears of an attack.

However, Russia has called these allegations of Zelensky baseless. Renat Karcha, advisor to Russia’s nuclear company, has said that there is no need for us to keep explosives in the plant. To increase tension, Ukraine is making such baseless allegations. He has said that the military of Ukraine was preparing to attack the nuclear plant on the night of 5th July. He wanted to blame Russia for this.

Nuclear disaster will affect 3 lakh people
The IAEA official has said that he wants to specifically investigate Unit 3 and 4 of the nuclear plant. Ukraine’s nuclear power plant built in Zaporizhia was captured by Russia in March 2022, just a month after the start of the war. Since then the IAEA has been expressing concern about it.

Zaporizhia is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. According to the report of Aljazeera, if there is any kind of nuclear disaster in the middle of the war, then 3 lakh people of the area will be at risk of radiation. Those who have to leave their homes. The statement of the White House has also come on the nuclear power plant of Zaporizhzhya. America has said that it is monitoring the situation. Nothing can be said before investigation.

Nuclear disaster happened 37 years ago in Ukraine
On 26 April 1986, testing was to be held at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Before the accident, there were four nuclear reactors in the Chernobyl power station. Work was going on at two reactors when the accident happened. The test started on the night of 26 April and at around 1.30 am the valve controlling the turbine was removed.

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