Thermal coat reducing the temperature inside EV cars: This does not drain the battery quickly, charging is not necessary for a long time

Thermal coat reducing the temperature inside EV cars demand for EVs is increasing worldwide. But along with this there are also problems like battery range and lack of charging stations. One of the biggest concerns of car owners is battery discharge. The solution has been found by the scientists of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Researchers have developed a Janus thermal cloak capable of reducing the temperature inside cars by up to 8 degrees. Whereas in cold countries, the temperature goes below zero, while the cloak does not allow it to go below 7 degrees.

thermal cloak like car clothes
The best part is that it does not require external energy for this work. Dr. Kehang Cui, who is leading the project, explains – Thermal cloak is like the clothes of vehicles. It can work to keep vehicles, buildings, spacecraft cool in summer and warm in winter. Modern EVs have lithium-ion batteries.

Higher than average temperature energy supply deteriorates
They rely on a chemical reaction to store and release electricity. When this process is disturbed, the performance of the battery decreases. As a result, the battery does not last till the specified range. According to Osprey, the operator of charging services in the UK, the ideal temperature for batteries is 20-25 degrees Celsius. If it is more or less than this, the chemical reaction and energy supply gets spoiled.

Temperature fluctuations are controlled
The cloak regulates natural temperature fluctuations. The battery does not discharge quickly, so it does not have to be charged for a long time. It has two important components, the first outer layer which reflects the sunlight, the second inner layer which retains the heat inside.

To find out the effect of the cloak, the team took the temperature of the EV kept outside. At noon the cabin temperature was up to 50.5 degrees. However, after covering with the thermal cloak, it remained only 22.8. At the same time, in western countries the temperature goes below zero. In that case the cloak maintains the cars temperature up to 7 degrees. This does not cause any problem with the battery.

Special white paint made in America, it will reduce the temperature of the house

Shiulin Ruan, a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University in the US, has created a new type of white paint.
By applying it on the roof, the temperature of the houses will decrease by about one degree and the need for AC will also reduce by 40%.
This innovation has also found a place in the Guinness Book. Dr. Ruan says that it will be ready for commercial use in about a year.
He told that this super paint is capable of reflecting up to 95% of the sun’s rays. Because of this, the surface temperature below it remains lower than normal.

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